All for Climate DAO

DAO Members Interviewed:

  1. Leen Schelfhou, Co-Founder
  2. Xavier Damman, Co-Founder

Interviewer(s): Crystal

All for Climate DAO’s vision is to be the Greenpeace of the 21st century. Their goal is to build a sustainable decentralized climate movement using the web3 toolkit and ethos. The DAO empowers climate activists with shared infrastructure, connections, and web3-oriented execution. The grand goal is to enable sustainable climate solutions that are rooted locally and connected globally.

Currently, All for Climate DAO (A4C) acts as a ‘project of projects’, intended to be a home for anyone working on climate and social justice initiatives. It is currently fulfilling this role (i.e. as a fiscal host) for 180 such projects or ‘collectives’. It also acts as a gateway to web3 for climate activists and enthusiasts, providing them with training and support.

Disenchanted with status quo solutions to the climate crisis, the founders see web3 as an innovative, radical real-world experiment.

  • Prioritize decentralization in all areas of their DAO.
  • Key ‘commons’/web2 tooling to support collectives
  • Emphasize the importance of human connection throughout the DAO, and influenced deeply by deep democracy and holacracy.

The Founders believe that one can be both pro-climate and pro-Web3. It is not a case of either or.

How Do They DAO

  • The All for Climate DAO collaborates using Discord, where they have created an inviting environment for anyone interested in web3, and climate solutions to partake in discussions and group projects.
  • Onboarding new Discord members into the community is a key focus area, and there are designated onboarding personnel.
  • There is a strong emphasis on co-ownership and decentralization of projects within the DAO. All for Climate enables new project ideas with their own multisig wallets and direction setting. For example, ‘Artists for Climate’ and ‘Regens Unite’, exist as sub-groups within All for Climate DAO, and operate their own budget and multisig.
  • The tech stack is as follows: Discord for community, Twitter and Mirror for external communication, Clarity for work organization, Dework for task management
  • Work is incentivized through task-based bounties, which are earned by members. Contributors are paid in stablecoin DAI.
  • Voting is carried out via community engagement. Proposals are submitted via a Google Doc and discussed/edited through group calls and comments. The approach to decision-making is to ascertain if a proposal is: a) good enough for now or b) safe enough to try, with a feedback loop to ascertain if it working effectively. This decision-making style is inspired by Sociocracy Theory.
  • The DAO issues a token, with no monetary value assigned as yet. It is currently used for keeping a record of contributions. It is expected that contributors will be able to exchange the token for currency at a later date.

Our community currency is mainly used more like equity in a startup - equity that is worth nothing at the beginning but with the hope that at some point it will be worth something - Xavier Damman, Co-founder All for Climate DAO

  • All for Climate DAO is inspired by the book Reinventing Organizations, which is considered a core text for both DAO and Climate movement founders (e.g. Extinction Rebellion, Fridays for Future). The governance design also incorporates principles of sociocracy, holacracy, and deep democracy (in which co-founder Leen is a trained practitioner).

For a deeper understanding of how All for Climate DAO operates refer to the conversation with the co-founders.

Interview with Leen Schelfhou and Xavier Damman, Co-Founders, All for Climate DAO