Picture of the book
"The guide to everything Impact DAO. A book written by a DAO for those who want to build their own DAOs"
Why Impact DAO Book

Who is the book for, why we wrote it, and how to read it

What is a DAO? A Crash Course

The aim is to communicate a clear definition of the word DAO

What is an Impact DAO

Defining Impact DAOs, advantages over nonprofits and why they are the future

Impact DAO Case Studies

We profile 12 Impact DAOs and how they DAO

Learnings & Analysis

Top leanings from the study of 12 Impact DAOs, 30 Impact Builders

Impact DAOs and the Future

The future of work for the Individual and Collective

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks to our community

DAO and Web3 Glossary

Key terms and concepts in this space

Five Types of Impact DAOs

Enabler, Climate, DeSci and more